Driving Test Information

Useful Information

To start learning how to drive with PassCow Driving School, you need a provisional driving licence. If you don’t already have one, check out the links below for information on how to get it.

Getting your driver’s license requires two tests; a theory test and practical test.

What is required of you to pass these tests can be found here– make sure this page has all of the answers that are needed about both exams! If there are any other questions about either exam please consult our FAQs or contact us directly!

1. Your Provisional License

To start your driving lessons, you need to first obtain a provisional licence.

To do this, the D1 form is required and available at your local post office.

Once it’s filled out correctly and sent off to the DVLA with two passport photos, you can apply for one online here on DirectGov web site when you are:

  • 17+ if you want to drive a car

2. Your Theory Test

The theory test will take place in a local centre, and when you arrive on the day to take the test, you will be checked in and then given access to your own private booth with computer.

The first part is multiple choice questions that must be answered correctly. The second section contains 14 clips of video which last one minute long; your job is simply to click the mouse whenever there’s something happening (depending on how soon this happens). You can get between 0-5 points for these depending on how quickly you spot it!

This has to be done before being able to apply for a practical driver’s license – once done, it’s valid for 2 years.

If after two years without passing a practical driving exam during that time period from taking this theory exam, then they need do so again.

3. Your Practical Lessons

You’ve made it! You passed your theory test and you are now ready to take that last step in order to gain your full driving license.