The Driving Test

Your Driving Test

You’ll be driving for around 40 minutes to demonstrate that you can drive competently and safely in all situations.

You may take your accompanying driver with you on the road test if you wish.

The driving test will start with an eyesight exam and a ‘show me tell me’ question. You can choose to perform any manoeuvre that has been practiced beforehand. In addition, the examiner might ask another ‘show me tell me’ question while they are driving alongside of you as well.

During your road condition/driving demonstration, there is also a chance for directions from sat navs or signs; this could be in relation to following three directions consecutively.

Driving Test Result

If you want your driving instructor or accompanying driver to listen in on the debrief, tell the examiner before beginning.

You can make up to 15 driving faults without it endangering any other road users; any mistakes that are dangerous will lead to a fail.

The national practical pass rate is around 43%. It makes sense for you be as prepared as possible- so study hard and practice safe!