What do driving examiners look for?

What do driving examiners look for?

Remember, our mission is to ensure you are a confident driver, so we take a personal interest in your lesson experience and the lead up to passing your driving theory and practical tests.

We want you to learn to drive safely and quickly, but also in a way that makes driving lessons pleasant even for nervous learners!

However, the ultimate goal is to equip you with everything you need to know to pass your driving test the first time and be a competent driver for life.

This means focusing on:

• Understanding the Highway Code, including recent updates
• 100% care and control in handling your vehicle
• Superb road awareness, and understanding of safe driving techniques
• Hazard perception and fast response times
• Familiarity with driving test routes in the Colchester area.

Common questions about learning to drive locally

Can I book a driving lesson to suit my schedule?

Do you need to book a local driving lesson that fits in with college, work or other commitments? That is not a problem with the flexible and responsive PassCow driving school.

We can arrange for your lessons to start and end in any location in the area we cover (currently Colchester and nearby towns and villages). That way, you can optimise every minute of your time spent learning to drive with us.

Are there driving instructors for special needs learners in the Colchester area?

PassCow currently specialises in supporting male learners. We are always honoured to be consulted about anyone who feels they have particular obstacles or issues to overcome when learning to drive.

Is this a highly rated driving school in the Colchester area?

You will see from our driving school recommendations and learner driver testimonials that we deliver on our ethos and get great results.

What do driving tests look for